Project Financing Solutions for the Construction Industry

Financing building projects for bespoke developments in the UK

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Project Financing

We are looking for investment opportunities on a Secured Loan or Equity Share basis for up to 20 units in the UK.

Projects will be on a first charge basis and should have no more than a two year lifecycle.



The company is focused on providing project finance for premium family home construction projects in the UK. 



We want to work in partnership with you. We see this as a joint venture not a banking relationship.  

Quality Product

Our aim is to deliver quality homes we can be proud of to the buying public.   


All projects should respect the local environment.  

We want to foster a reputation for housing that is suitable for the locale and raises property values for all .

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Proposals should have a no more than 2 year lifecycle. 

The property for development should already be located and outline discussions with planning authorities completed.

A draft cashflow project plan will also be required.

All loans to the project are completed on a first charge basis. This is non negotiable. This not a secondary financing opportunity.

Failure to meet repayment schedules may result in AP Capital Investments taking control of all project assets.

AP Capital Investments

74 Southwood Lane, Highgate, London, N6 5DY, United Kingdom

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Adrian Purvis   07785 247266